Seeds to Beads


Nature, it’s always inspired me. The way a leaf curves, the way a droplet of water gathers at its tip, waiting for that moment when it falls to another leaf, flower or to the ground. The tiny little seeds that fall from a dried up flower, allowing death to bring life. There are so many influences Mother Nature provides, sometimes they travel a path in my head that is difficult for anyone to see the original inspiration, but it’s there.

There always seems to be a long path running through my brain. It starts with one thought, which leads me to remember to do something, which leads to a new idea, which leads to making a mental note to write something down, which leads to…. By the time I write it down or have “stopped” thinking, I’ve completely forgotten where I began, lost in my own head. So, I backtrack down the path, rethinking what lead to each thought until, at last, I find the original stepping stone! My husband can attest to this. It drives him nuts. Last night, for example, I asked him to give me an opinion on something, but then I went on, talking about several different topics. By the time I finished, he had no idea that I had asked him a question, let alone what the question was. I became frustrated, and then he reminded me of the long trail I left for him, he was lost after the first turn. I should have left a map for him that says “You Are Here,” because once I’m finished talking, I want my answer. 😉

This issue tends to cause many things in our house to be left “in-progress” (not unfinished; I’ll make my way back to finish it eventually). The most important things are taken care of: my daughter is fed, happy, in a clean diaper, and has spent quality time with me; my husband knows he is loved (I don’t worry about feeding him, since he does the cooking!); and the dog is fed and goes outside. The rest of it can wait, “in-progress.”

In-progress….You Are Here….trail….stepping stone….lost….path…idea….head….seeds! That’s right! Seeds to beads! The picture attached is of one of my favorite pieces! It’s part of my Bead-It-Up Collection (as usual I wonder why I named it that). The line of beads down the center is inspired by…. seeds! They all move around, constantly shifting into new patterns. You can also make a little music and use it as a shaker instrument. Check out my gallery to see the matching earrings, necklace and ring.

Ok, I’ve stopped thinking now, my path has come to an end.

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