Straight to the Bottom of the Ocean

Something that was said by a girl I went to school with: “I want a rock that takes me straight to the bottom of the ocean;” yes, you guessed it, talking about the diamond in her future engagement ring. She elaborated that she didn’t care what the stone looked like, as long as it was BIG. I immediately realized that this person was all about how things looked to other people, not how they looked from within. A beautiful diamond is based on its color and clarity. Size and shape is in the eye of the beholder; some people like rounds, some marquis, some pear and so on. But, why not start with something beautiful, as free of flaws as possible, with as close to colorless as possible, fresh? It’s reflective of the relationship (when it’s an engagement ring or wedding band). Why not start fresh, without troubles and stressors? As your relationship progresses, love grows, or maybe it stays the same, which is not a bad thing. Maybe it’s impossible to love a person even more because you already love them so much. Once you get to that beauty and have the means and desire to spend more, then go for it with a larger size. Maybe to some people, bigger isn’t better. I am in love with the engagement ring my husband gave me. I love it just as much today as I did when he gave it to me nine years ago. I don’t need or want anything bigger, even though I love him more. He considered my taste and style, simple yet unique, but not “blingy.” It’s the entire package that I love. If my stone were bigger than it is I’d be embarrassed to wear it, who knows why, but that’s just how I am. If I had a ton of money, I’d still choose to drive a Volkswagen over an Audi S-whatever. That’s just me, I don’t need to turn heads to feel good. Unlike another woman who came into the jewelry store I worked for, with her mother, to secretly have the stone in her new engagement ring upgraded to something larger. By new, I mean a few days, maybe it was Monday and he proposed on Saturday. That poor guy. If only he knew what he was marrying. Someone who cared about appearance so much that she would go behind his back, embarrassing him to her parents, just so she could have a bigger stone. I’d like to think he wasn’t the oblivious individual she obviously thought he was, and that he noticed what she had done. I wonder if they’re still married, or if they ever married in the first place…

Anyway, I added a gallery page, so check out my work! Someday I’ll re-photograph everything in a nice bright setting, but for now you can at least see some of my work. Enjoy!

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