The Real Deal

I love these earrings! They were the first pieces of my first collection of jewelry from 2006-ish, maybe earlier. They have always been a top seller. I named the collection “Wire Drop,” which I have never figured out why I was lacking any kind of creativity in naming it; I cringe whenever I say it. But, people know the name now, so I don’t want to change it. Plus, it’s printed in a brochure that I have several hundred copies of! It’s inspired by that bead of water that hangs from the tip of a leaf after a rainstorm. Most of my work is influenced in some way by nature. I wear these earrings several times a week because they go with everything. A real “go-to.”

A year or so after I made them, I was heartbroken when I saw a similar pair of earrings made by Silpada. Along with feeling disappointed that my idea wasn’t only mine, I started fearing people thinking I copied off of another person’s work, let alone a Silpada catalog! It took a long time for me to come to the conclusion that there will always be someone out there that creates a similar idea. Especially in the world of jewelry!

It drives me nuts when I see pieces that are obvious replicas of beautiful work, made to sell at a much cheaper cost than the originals that artists put a lot of time and heart into. I love hearing people say that they support “handmade,” respecting the time and energy put into what they’re purchasing, appreciating craftsmanship and willing to pay for it. I understand that it can be expensive, but when it comes down to it, the materials and the artist’s time aren’t cheap. We all have expenses to pay.

Here are the matching necklaces. They, too, are top sellers.


Yes, those are black beans. I was really into using them to make my displays more interesting, which carried over to my photos. Hopefully, soon, I’ll have photos up without black beans. Until then, this is what you get.

You’ll be able to purchase these on my Etsy site soon! I have this adorable almost two-year-old who only naps for so long during the day, a day when I’m not at work, so I say “soon” a lot 🙂 Patience makes everything better (at least, that’s what I tell my daughter).

You can also find my work for sale at J.A.Sharp Custom Jeweler in Lancaster, PA and at The Watchmaker’s Daughter in York, PA.

Please follow my blog so you find out when it’s ready on Etsy!

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