First Timer…

This is officially my first time using WordPress and my very first blogging experience! I decided to switch from my old website host, because I was getting so many recommendations to use WordPress, hearing nothing but positive feedback. And, though I don’t like giving him credit for this 😉 , my husband has been suggesting that I start a blog for a long time now!  It’s an easy way for me to manage my site, while allowing me to write about my experiences, thoughts and specifics on my jewelry. In addition, it’s much more affordable for me! That is why you find yourself here on WordPress.

Please bear with me, my setup is rather slow since my jewelry production has taken a backseat to being a mother and working. I’m hoping to have everything setup soon!

Another thing in the works is my Etsy shop where you’ll be able to purchase my jewelry. Visit Right now I’m re-photographing my work, and will soon have items up for sale. Most things will be made to order.

If you are local, my work is also available at J.A. Sharp Custom Jeweler in Lancaster, PA and The Watchmaker’s Daughter in York, PA. Both of these stores are unique unto themselves, and I highly recommend a visit. My pricing is the same on Etsy as it is in-store. I am very proud to have my work in these shops!

Please visit again soon to check on my progress!

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