Seeds to Beads

Nature, it’s always inspired me. The way a leaf curves, the way a droplet of water gathers at its tip, waiting for that moment when it falls to another leaf, flower or to the ground. The tiny little seeds that fall from a dried up flower, allowing death to bring

Straight to the Bottom of the Ocean

Something that was said by a girl I went to school with: “I want a rock that takes me straight to the bottom of the ocean;” yes, you guessed it, talking about the diamond in her future engagement ring. She elaborated that she didn’t care what the stone looked like,

Thankful always

Thank you, I say, to our Veterans and Servicemen and Women protecting our country today. Thank you for risking your lives for our country. A lot of people use November as a month to announce, each day, the things they’re thankful for. You are who I’m thankful for, today and

The Real Deal

I love these earrings! They were the first pieces of my first collection of jewelry from 2006-ish, maybe earlier. They have always been a top seller. I named the collection “Wire Drop,” which I have never figured out why I was lacking any kind of creativity in naming it; I

Get by with a little help for our friends

I have a passion for reaching out to help people, especially when the cause hits home. When I was in college in a metalsmithing class (one of my favorite classes ever), I decided to focus my first casting project on a charm for my then boyfriend (now husband), who was

First Timer…

This is officially my first time using WordPress and my very first blogging experience! I decided to switch from my old website host, because I was getting so many recommendations to use WordPress, hearing nothing but positive feedback. And, though I don’t like giving him credit for this 😉 ,

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